week 8

20 Sep

powerpoint assignment..


my powerpoint..(sam)

powerpoint in word

kay will updated her!~


week 7

11 Sep


week 7 has coming. Today we got a new task.

excel assignment. Its kinda hard but somekind of easy too..heeee~

this is my excel work.

excel in word

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this is kay^^

again i kind of abandone this blog.. sorry samm.. always forgot to update mine T-T

ok, this is my work:

excel in word


11 Sep

this week…

we submit our brochure..and given a task to make our own powerpoint..


*i’m blur*

kay will write the details maybe..

this is kay.. i’m quite busy lately and always forgot to update mine.. truly sorry.

this is my work:NOUNS

week 5

30 Aug

On this week, we are given task to make a brochure..Luckily, we are in the same group so it easy for us to discuss and posting here…

About this assignments, we need to do some critical review and create a  brochure..Well,its kinda fun job since we are working in group..much more easier for sure..=)

Critical Review

And also the brochure…


we have fun in this class and still gain lot of knowledge =)

week 4(i)

1 Aug


I have been given the title of the impact of web 2.0 in education as my assignment. As i said in week 3, at first i really don’t understand this topic and method to do this assignment. But, with help from my friend, i have came to fully understand what this assignment is all about. As the author said in his article, computer is suitable to be used as tools to assist teachers in teaching and learning process because it is capable of receiving and processing data. Computers also help teachers achieve the objectives of teaching and learning effective when used systematically. Lessons included with the latest teaching aids will be able to add students to an area of interest in education. In addition, if the computer can be used systematically and effectively by the teachers, they are able to solve any problems in the teaching and learning.  Web 2.0 makes all of this more effective for teacher and students. However,since we are talking about the impact surely it has both good and drawbacks side. Internet offers teachers and students many application such as facebook, myspace, blogspot and many more. I have given a clear view of my topic in the link below.


Reference: Author: Khairul Iksan


Year published: 2009

Publisher: My Opera

Place of published: Indonesia


Finally i have finished the assignment as far as i can. I’ve given a lot of effort in order to accomplish this assignment. Before this i am rarely using internet. I don’t even think that the application of web 2.0 is too broad and very interesting. i hope that the usage of internet can be use entirely and as best by me and everyone. I also hope that internet usage will be extended to assist students and teachers in establishing the education system in Malaysia.

week 3(i)

1 Aug


I got an assignment about the impact of web 2.0 in education. I’m also confuse about this assignment as well as my other friends. I’m really clueless and don’t really know how to handle this assignment as i’m not so into ICT and never done this in my whole life.

Well,as far as i know web 2.0 have various use and it bring many advantages in human life, economics and in education as well. Internet can be applied in education through activities both in their daily work or that involves the P & P. According to the National Information Technology Council (MTMK) reported there were 10 million internet users expected in 2003. There are four-fold increase or 400 percent increase from 1.6 million in 1998 to 6.5 million in 2001 (Star, June 14, 2002). This shows that Internet usage is applied in everyday life and in education in Malaysia.

Since i’m still not fully understand this topic, i can’t give much info for now. But, in week 4 i definitely are going to give a fully information about this topic that will satisfying everyone. Till then, i’m off.

~Zulaika Abd. Aziz~



1 Aug

My assignment is about the impact of web 2.0 in education.  Web 2.0 are been using widely all over the world and Malaysia is included.  Applications like blog and social network are the example of web 2.0.  In education, e-learning is the most popular application.  An article from e-Indonesia initiative has attract my attention towards this assignment.  The description of usage of web 2.0 is very helpful since now i’m more realize the importance and benefits of  using web 2.0 especially in education.  The article which in pdf format also mentioned about the usage of web 2.0 in Indonesia especially in their education.  Using web 2.0 in education really increasing the quality of education, not only in Indonesia or Malaysia but over the world since it been using widely.  Usually, students who are using web 2.0 in their study are becoming more independence and innovative.

This is my attachment according to this topic :


Sources of the article :


Author : e-Indonesia initiative


Year of publish : 2009

Title : Konferensi dan Temu Nasional Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi untuk Indonesia

Publisher : open source

Place published : Indonesia


Author : casey_john


Year of publish : 2010

Title : Kelebihan Web 2.0

Publisher : open source

Place published : Malaysia

Reflection :

1st i was given this topic, i was very blur and clueless.  I’m not good in computer or internet things, so i was so confused.  I dont even know what is web 2.0 is about.  But then, after i’m doing some researches i found out what is web 2.0 is and its benefits in our life especially in education.  I had found some articles about this topic and finally i thought both of the articles that i posted are the most helpful.  Now, i realized the importance and the impact of web 2.0 in education.  Thats all for my presentation.  Sorry for all the mistakes and weakness.  Thank you.



1 Aug

i got assignment about web 2.0..the impact of web 2.0 in education..at 1st, i was very confuse and clueless since i dont know what is web 2.0..i try to understand and google and i still blur..

from Tim O’Reily media, he said web 2.0 has become a business revolution in computer industry since the internet transformation has become the platform. Web 2.0 also have lot of speacilities.

i will try to make a mind map to make it clear…and yeah, i still blur~


GGGE 1155 class today!!!

19 Jul

wowww!!! 1st class today is so fun!!! just a normal sign up n sign in but the best is the class included facebook..lalala..fun!!the best class ever..haha xD

tnx to our Prof. Rosseni for her guide and patient… we love you Prof..heeee~

erm..even too many students in the lab right now but we enjoy ourselves here..hopefully the next classes will be better than today..just love this class..hope no more tough assignments next time..huuu~